Inherently, excavations are dangerous and very hazardous, particularly to workers. A record from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that trenching or excavation cave-ins resulted to about 250 deaths from the year 2000 to 2009. With an average of about 20 death accidents every year, that figures can be alarming. 

Yet, that number of accidents can absolutely be minimized or even more can be avoided if companies as well as workers follow certain rules and standards at work. Proper awareness of the hazards that surround the work area is imperative, in which will undoubtedly help prevent accidents and injuries.


Potential Hazards

There are many possible hazards that every worker should keep an eye such as:

  • falls and slips into excavation
  • lack of protective gears
  • improper handling of materials and equipment
  • hazardous work atmosphere
  • flood and other water hazards

Rules and Standards

There are set of excavation and trenching standards that has to be followed to avoid possible accidents. Unfortunately, all these are not   properly followed. For instance, before getting started with the excavation process, a series of test and inspection should be done. Inspecting soil type and strength, inspecting trenches and testing for oxygen and other hazardous fumes are some of the preliminary rules to follow.

Proper protective and support system is also required. In which will protect the workers from excavation cave-ins. And these systems should be designed by professional engineers.



With reasonable excavation precautions, accidents and injuries can be completely avoided. Regular checking of the area is important. Clearing up excavated soil and removing debris near the excavation site is also necessary.  Be aware of the overall environmental conditions. Also, be mindful about nearby vehicles and other huge mobile equipment that can cause vibration to the soil.

Having the skilled people or person to do the work plays a big part in avoiding accidents. Hiring a reliable and competent excavation contractor Melbourne  will guarantee you better work safety and ethics. There will be an assurance of proper excavation process and handling of equipment.

With the right information, a competent person to do the job and the proper equipment to use, excavation procedures and jobs will not be as tough and hazardous as it may be. Find a good help today, and call your nearest excavation company now!